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包子簡, a parody of No Face in Spirited Away, is the mascot for a steamed bun shop.

Yokaiville, officially known as 松林町(Alternative name: 妖怪村), is a Japanese style shopping district featuring yokai themed souvenir shops, food stalls and a bakery. There’s almost always a line waiting to order the bakery’s famous bread long before the bread is fresh out the oven. In the evenings, the shimmering lanterns light up every store and elaborately displayed yokai statue , making Yokaiville a perfect spot to take photos. Though some might find Yokaiville to be a replica of Japan’s Mizuki Shigeru Road, a collision of its vibrant atmosphere and the tranquil forest environs is second to none.

Getting there[]

Taiwan Tourist Bus runs to Xitou with a stopover at Taichung HSR station and Lemidi Hotel. A bus ride takes an hour and a half. One-day Pass is available for NT400, which includes a round-way bus ticket and a ticket to Xitou Forest Recreational Area.

Business Hours[]

Shopping disctrict: 10:00 ~ 22:00

Kubota Bakery(久保田烘培坊): 10:00 ~ 20:00

Fresh-baked bread is available at 10:30 and 14:30

Neighboring Attractions[]