The Xitou Forest Recreational Area lies in Xitou Experimental Forest, which is one of the properties maintained by Taiwan University for research and conservation of biological diversity. The area rises from 800 meters above sea level to 2050 meters at the summit of Lingtou Mountain in the south. Among the recreational amenities that make this forest so popular are the paved hiking trails that wind through fir and Ginkgo trees, apart from the green, do not miss the Xitou hightlights --- University Pond, Skywalk and a giant cypress tree. Originally built for irrigation, University Pond is now described as the symbol of Xitou, take in a panoramic view on the top of its bamboo bridge. The Skywalk is 180 meters in length and rises 7 storeys above the forest floor into the forest canopy, which makes an ultimate highlight of this outing. From the Skywalk, take a walk further into the forest and you’ll discover a giant cypress tree aged over 2000 years, the tree is hollow on the inside but is amazingly alive. Tired from a long walk? Take a golf car ride anywhere at a fixed price of NT50.

Getting thereEdit

Taiwan Tourist Bus runs to Xitou with a stopover at Taichung HSR station and Lemidi Hotel. A bus ride takes an hour and a half. One-day Pass is available for NT400, which includes a round-way bus ticket and a ticket to The Xitou Forest Recreational Area.